"... Only science multiplied by experience and courage of decisions,
can produce a truly new result"
Peter Franke

"ENGINEERING BUREAU FRANKE INTERNATIONAL" (EBFI) is an independent international company operating in the market of inspection services and technical expertise for more than 40 years.

Founded in Germany by the talented physics engineer Peter Franke, EBFI provides the full range of technical problem-solving related to management and quality control in many branches of today’s business.

Subsidiaries, offices and representations of our company operate all over the world. Today, EBFI inspectors take part in audits and preparation for enterprise certifications in many industries, assist in metallurgy, oil and gas industry, engineering and railway transport.

 Our services

Preparation for certification
Metallurgical sector
Material testing
IT Segment
Consumer goods
Railway industry
Oil and gas sector
Agro sector
Container shipping